Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Season-By-Season Defensive Comparison

Why he has his tongue out I will never know, but Kobe is in the midst of his 15th season and I do know many people have considered one of the best defensive guards in that time. 

In the last story we compared KB to MJ going season by season regarding FG% - and we will just explain it this way - when you go up against Mike you better come correct. In FG% Jordan schooled Kobe just about every single season. Even when MJ was 40 he shot a tad higher than Kobe is shooting so far this year at age 32!

In this story Kobe will see his idols steals and blocks numbers combined and compared to his season by season. Will KB stand up to the man he tried to emulate?

Let us see about that......... In the number I add steals per game and blocks per game for a total defensive stat average per game. 

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