Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Assists Comparison Season By Season

Here we are again. After 15 seasons in the NBA Jordan retired at age 40. Of course, there were a couple retirements and comebacks in-between. 

Kobe Bryant is in his 15th season and so it is the perfect time to compare all aspects of their game as defined by numbers.

Jordan was always a better passer than people thought and so is Kobe. 

In the first story we compared MJ and KB when it comes to fg%, and Jordan easily won. In the second story we compared the two players defensive output, and Jordan won at an even higher rate.

What about passing?

These guys can score, but do they make their teammates better? Of course they do. Their presence alone makes the team better, but this will show how one player is considered the GOAT while another is the #9 greatest all-time. The differences over a career are what make one #1 and one #9.

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