Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James: Why the King Is Really Just Heir To the Throne

It's hard to imagine that people are still sleeping on Kobe Bryant. But it seems every time the alarm goes off, the snooze button gets overused. 

For years, the comparison between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James has been a major topic of discussion, with LeBron falling short simply because of the championship ring amount.

However, that aspect should be a last resort to prove Bryant's superiority.

If this postseason has taught us anything, it's that Kobe Bryant has completely established himself as the only player in the league with a clearance card for the level he is on.

On his way to the NBA Finals, Bryant closed out teams and put on scoring clinics in every city he visited.

In the Conference finals against Phoenix, Kobe averaged nearly 34 points per game, and hit shots that go beyond jaw dropping.

"Those aren't shooters shots, they're scorers shots," Phoenix's Steve Nash told ESPN.

"Those are best-player-in-the-game type shots."

But the numbers aren't relevant in the Kobe v. LeBron discussion, because the "King" has them too.

The two-time league MVP has a Magic Johnson type feel for the game, and can match Kobe in almost every category outside of shooting and free throw percentage.

So where does Kobe establish himself as the rightful King, and is LeBron only the heir to his throne?

Well, we're all watching it right now.

It's called winning time.

And it's what Kobe knows best.

Although the Lakers are on the verge of defeat, Bryant has shown winning isn't just everything, but the only thing.

His third-quarter performance Sunday night proved just that. And although the Lakers still lost, there is no denying that his will to succeed far surpasses LeBron's, even in the face of defeat. 

We all witnessed the King completely pack it in against the Boston Celtic...

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