Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James: Which NBA Superstar Is Having the Better Season?

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are forever linked, basketball adversaries in the minds of most NBA followers even though they face each other just twice during the regular season. 

The two superstars operate independently in an NBA parallel universe, one as a five-time world champion for the Los Angeles Lakers, the other as the league’s “King of the Court” with the Miami Heat.

The argument over who is the better player will be analyzed, dissected, debated and argued for the next 50 years and really can’t be decisively answered until both Bryant and James have retired from the game. 

Still, it's fun to pose this question: Who is having the better year—Kobe or LeBron?

Before you rush to judgment on either one, take into account all factors and ask yourself this: what constitutes a great season?  Is it merely individual statistics or is it more about what you’ve done to help your team win games?  Perhaps it’s both.

As pertains to their respective records, the Lakers and Heat are in a virtual dead heat.  Kobe and LeBron are both doing what they normally do to help their teams win. 

The Lakers hold a 32-13 record with games coming up against Utah, Sacramento and Boston this week.  LeBron and the Heat, meanwhile, are 31-13 and fresh off a 17-point win over the Toronto Raptors on Saturday.

And though they play different positions on teams running unique offensive and defensive schemes, we still like to compare their games, mainly because they remain the two most compelling players on the planet (and in the NBA).  Let’s take a look at the tangible and intangible evidence and see which player is truly winning this year’s battle of the association’s most treasured individual rivalry.


1. Field Goals and Free Throws: Reigning MVP Has Upper Hand


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