Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James Is a Parallel To Tupac vs. Biggie

Before reading, please remember that this article is subjective, but then again, everything in life is...

Over the last three years, basketball's big debate has been: Who is better, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

If you're familiar with rap/hip-hop, (and have some common sense to go along with that), you know that Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls are widely known as the world's greatest rappers. 

While speculation for who is better between both Kobe vs. LeBron and Tupac vs. Biggie is one-hundred percent subjective, most everyone will agree that these two are the best when it comes to their craft.


One of the fundamental elements that makes a good rapper is a thing called Flow. 

Flow is the definitive way of how an M.C. raps over the beat. It can be classified into two different groups:

The first type of flow is called lyrical flow. Lyrical flow is how well the MC performs the rhyme scheme as well as ends his verse on the beat.

"Lyrically", Biggie Smalls is the better rapper. His lyrical flow is second-to-none. He spits with power, and focuses on the mechanical part of rap (meaning he uses complex words and rhyme schemes), which enables him to be the better rapper "lyrically"; nevertheless, just because Biggie has better lyrical flow doesn't necessarily mean he's the better lyricist. 

The style that Biggie uses while rapping is comparable to how LeBron plays.


LeBron plays with power.

Lots of it!

He dominates the spotlight, and has the ability to put on show and capture the audience like none-other.

His highlights can include anything from an athletically spectacular dunk to a mind-blowing no look pass, (and even one of those  sick chase-down blocks if you're lucky. Yes the ones that ESPN re-runs more often than Fox re-runs The Simpsons).

LeBron is so un...

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