Kobe Bryant Video: Watch Lakers Star Shine Jeff Van Gundy’s Dome

Kobe Bryant's video is on the Internet and while it's usually for his breath-taking moves on the court, it's something he did before the game even started that has caught people's attention.

Before a Lakers game last week, ESPN broadcasters Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen were getting ready for the game as Los Angeles was warming up on the court, and as they're getting set, Kobe comes over and pretends to buff Van Gundy's head.

Kobe even pretends to breathe on his rather bald head and then buff it out with the sleeve of his warmup. At least Van Gundy, who goes back and forth with Marc Jackson all the time during the broadcasts, has a good sense of humor about things.

You could tell that for a while in those NBA on ESPN commercials, like the one where he dresses up as the Phoenix Gorilla, Van Gundy is one of the best at what he does and he clearly likes it as he's passed up a few coaching gigs to stay with ESPN.

What's more telling is how Kobe's image has changed through his career. He used to be hated by everyone but now, especially post-Decision, has become beloved by most fans in the NBA. He's likable and personable and is just a joy to watch.

Those are things I thought I'd never say about Kobe Bryant.

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