Kobe Bryant Video: Watch Kobe’s Hard Fall in Game 1 Against New Orleans Hornets

Kobe Bryant Hits the Deck in Game 1 Against Hornets

The Los Angeles Lakers are gunning for their fourth consecutive trip to the NBA Finals, but their playoff run is off to a pretty rocky start so far against the New Orleans Hornets. They're currently in a back-and-forth battle in the second half, and a couple players are already banged up.

One guy who is going to be playing the rest of the game in a bit of pain is none other than Kobe Bryant. He was unable to stay on his feet after hitting a tough fall-away jumper in the closing seconds of the first half and he went sliding on his backside right into the first row of seats at the Staples Center.

He was still lying face-first on the floor when Ron Artest hit a half-court shot at the halftime buzzer.

Kobe appeared to hit the back of his head and/or the upper part of his neck on a fan's knee or chair, but he eventually got up and walked off the floor under his own power. He hasn't shown any ill effects in the second half, and he's actually leading all scorers with 22 points.

Could be worse, Laker fans. For example, Pau Gasol is going to need to get stitches after the game to close a cut under his left eye. He may not be as pretty as he was before.

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