Kobe Bryant: The Lord of The Rings and His “Laker Fellowship”

Kobe Bryant and Frodo Baggins wouldn't seem to have much in common. Kobe is at least three feet taller than his counterpart, and I wouldn't guess Frodo was ever picked first in any of his pickup toad-pie skipping contests; However, the two are indeed kindred spirits, and their journeys contain parallels far beyond the obvious.

Both men are entrusted with a task; a task so great that the balances of power in their worlds are wholly connected to their respective successes. Like Kobe, Frodo's journey begins in the Shire (OK, for Kobe it's Hollywood, but I'll afford myself some creative licence and call it good). He inherits a ring (or five), and is advised by long-time confidant Gandalf the Grey Wizard (an obvious reference to Phil) to guard it with his life. 

Like Frodo, Kobe knew the task was too daunting to go-it alone, and recruits his friends to join him for the journey. He is accompanied by point guard and longtime friend, "Fish," "Walton" (a hobbit-looking soul in his own right), and Odom. Eventually, Gasol (an elfy look to him eh?), Artest (the surly one), and Bynum (a tree-like Ent) are enjoined to fight the amassing army in Mordor...er...Miami.

Eventually, The Council of Lakers (sometimes we speak of them as Kupchak and Buss) reveal the significance of the rings history, and warns that a lust for them has corrupted the Wizard Riley (signing Wade, James, and Bosh...that surely was evil magic at work).

The Lakers Council decides that the threat of Riley in Miami is too great, and that the best course of action is to return the rings the the Mountain where they belong. You already saw this coming huh? That's right. The Hollywood Hills. 

Bryant vows to return the rings, yet again, and a "team" is formed to protect them. None of the principles leave in free-agency. This is a true "Fellowship."

You certainly can't look past Phil Jackson in this analogy either. If eve...

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