Kobe Bryant Surpasses LeBron James in Six Weeks

LeBron James was without a doubt the regular season's Most Valuable Player as he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the league's best overall record. But everyone should realize, it has "regular season" in front of it for a reason. 

James is without a doubt a fantastic athlete, who thrives in the open floor and penetrating the lane while showing a fabulously developed jump shot. This is not intended to knock on the greatness that is James for his time will come soon enough. 

But what James managed to do in six months has, once again, failed to pay off in the postseason. Eliminated by the aging Boston Celtics in six games during the Eastern Conference semifinals, James has shown once again the difference between him and the likes of Kobe Bryant. 

What took James six months to do, Bryant surpassed in merely six weeks. The NBA Playoffs have consistently shown legends are born during them, and Bryant's resume has continued to grow. 

Bryant was known during the regular season as the league's most deadly player in clutch situations, knocking down several game winners and just as he did last season, Bryant has carried his Los Angeles Lakers back to the NBA Finals. 

The Lakers are truly a resilient team led by the league's best player. Yes, Bryant is the league's best basketball player. James is league's best athlete by far, but Bryant has the better skill-set, his game reaching all aspects of the basketball spectrum. 

What James can do, Bryant simply does better. Sure Bryant isn't stacked with triple-doubles, but in all reality he doesn't have to be. He still passes better, dribbles better, shoots better, plays defense better and in reality scores in every way better than James to this point. 

Bryant has developed the best "rise up" shot in the game, as he rises with ease above any and every defender and drills shot after shot after shot. Bryant may not slam e...

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