Kobe Bryant: Still the Alpha Male, Thanks to Pat Riley

National Basketball Association’s top man, Kobe Bryant, is all about real competition. One could very well imagine his level of excitement after the competitive professional heard about Pat Riley’s plan.

Riley, the general manager for the Miami Heat, formed a diverse, dynamic, and one of the most talented trios in the history of the league. He could not have formed a more relentless powerhouse by re-signing Dwyane Wade, in addition to signing LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the roster.

Arguably, this year will be one of the NBA's wildest, as most of the teams have completely rebuilt their rosters to compete with the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Pat Riley has a stupendous history as a player and in coaching. He has given the news and bloggers much to talk about. Even though the Lakers have won back-to-back championship titles, he has taken away attention from the champs. Riley has given the league something to talk about for years to come. Miami Heat’s wins or losses in next year’s playoffs won’t make a difference. 

If they win—hallelujah—everyone who predicted they would, will be able to hold their heads up high and say, “We told you so. No one is a match for the monstrous team.”

However, if they lose, the NBA nation will be in utter shock, as much is expected from the team—from even their haters. Either way, until the end of time, basketball fanatics will discuss how the legendary Dwyane Wade and King James came together and revolutionized the whole NBA nation.

Nevertheless, until we don’t get to see them in action, one should certainly give other teams the benefit of the doubt. When the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics in 2008, the team was heavily criticized and critics did not stop bashing Kobe Bryant. There were millions of articles published about how Bryant had lost his ability to be an astute pl...

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