Kobe Bryant Shows off Germany Knee Treatment on Instagram

Kobe Bryant's doctor's office allows you to use cell phones in the exam room. Also, the Black Mamba sends his greetings from Germany.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski previously reported that the Los Angeles Lakers star was headed to Germany for another round of platelet-rich plasma therapy on his right knee. In true Mamba fashion, he documented the treatment part of his excursion on Instagram for our viewing pleasure.

Those who are afraid of needles and therefore already worried about Kobe's well-being aren't going to appreciate the inside look at how Vino stays young.

As someone who is relatively indifferent to those pointy harbingers of pain, even I'm a bit skeeved out by them being lodged in Kobe's knee, just sitting there. The injection itself looks like it could be especially painful.

But such is the price Kobe is willing to pay, and has already paid before, as B/R Lakers Lead Writer Kevin Ding recently reminded us.

This is nothing new. The accompanying visual aids are, but this procedure is something Kobe is familiar with and has previously raved about. It might even be a sign that he hasn't given up hope of playing on opening night.

At worst, just be thankful he's open about the process. The abrupt manner in which he left Lakers training camp raised some eyebrows, but the flow of information since has been pretty steady.

If he were Amar'e Stoudemire and the Lakers were the New York Knicks, we probably would've been told he was on holiday or that Hakeem Olajuwon had taken his Dream-shaking business global. Or anything other than the truth would have leaked out, until it was all over.

There are no such gimmicks with Kobe. The Lakers didn't say he was deep-sea fishing, off hunting Bigfoot or soul searching. Kobe himself hasn't taken a social media hiatus or sworn off the Mamba truth serum altogether.

He's still...

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