Kobe Bryant & Pau Gasol and the 10 Best Inside-Outside Duos in the NBA

When looking through the annals of NBA history, the best teams almost always have at least one great perimeter player along with a talented big man.

This seems to be a winning formula because as defenses collapse inside, the interior player can pass out to the perimeter star, who can find a way to score.

Likewise, when a dominant outside player gets stymied by perimeter-opposing defenses, he can throw the basketball to the inside player for an easy hoop.

This give-and-take makes it difficult for defenses to stop a team as they cannot focus on just one star player. In addition, the combination of the inside-outside duo spreads out the defenses even more.

Some of the best duos in the league today are perimeter players, such as Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry of Golden State or LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of Miami.

However, this article strictly focuses on inside-outside duos.

The rankings are determined in part by both individual performances and team performances.

Hence, top duos such as Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin who have impressive stats cannot make a high ranking on this list because their Los Angeles Clippers sport a dismal 1-13 record.

Feel free to comment on the picks. Was there any combination that should have made the list? Are any duos ranked too high or too low?

Without further ado, here are the top inside-outside duos in the NBA this season.

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