Kobe Bryant: Most Hated Man in Boston, Also Very Much Respected

As Celtics fans all over the country are mourning over being so close to another championship, many Boston fans are saying one thing, "I hate Kobe Bryant."

He is the face of LA, and the face of basketball for years. He makes shots that no one on this earth can, and is perhaps the most clutch player of our time. 

I have never seen a player do the things that he does, scoring 23 straight points for the Lakers in Game Five, hitting turn-arounds with two hands in his face, and three pointers that were two or three feet behind the line.

He did things in this series that no player in the game today could dream of doing (yeah "King James," I mean you too). 

In Game Seven, the Celtics completely shut Kobe down from the field. They double teamed him, triple teamed him, and always had a hand in his face.

So what did he do?

He rebounded, he found teammates, and he got to the line. Watching that game, it seemed like Kobe was no factor at all, but looking at his stat line he still scored 23 points and had 15 rebounds (with rebounds being the most important stat of the series). 

Now I am a Celtics fan, and will always be a Laker hater, but I respect Kobe. He is by far the best player in the game today, so far ahead of Lebron James it is not even funny.

In Kobe's worst game he still gets a double double and finds a way to win a Game Seven to clinch his fifth ring and second being the center of attention.

In Lebron's worst game he scored 15 points in a blowout loss and it presented questions along the way of his ability. 

Now I am not here to talk about LeBron vs Kobe and I do not want to have a giant comment war about it, but any Cleveland fan should be ashamed to mention LeBron in the same sentence as Kobe.   

Kobe may get on the nerves of every person in the Boston area, but there is no doubt about how amazing he i...

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