Kobe Bryant, LeBron James: A Matter of Global Perspective and Postseason Success

It should come as no surprise the image America holds of itself is very different from the way it is perceived around the globe. Our insistence on being the greatest country on Earth is seen as arrogance by everyone else.

One of the hardest perceptions to shed is America as a nation shrouded in hypocrisy, and non-natives use everything from discovering a country which was previously inhabited, to the horrors of slavery to prove their case.

America usually stands alone when it comes to matters of a political or societal nature, but the one area which everyone can agree on is the love of the nations' athletes—particularly its NBA stars.

The NBA has become a melting pot of the sports world, with American players enjoying rock star status in places such as China and Europe. And no one gets more love overseas than Kobe Bryant.

To be fair, Bryant is popular in the United States too, but overseas, the adoration is universal and less attention is paid to the indiscretions which turned him into a polarizing figure at home.

LeBron James shares the same type of popularity Bryant does in the United States, and there are many fans of Bryant who will acknowledge the growth and maturity of James in his career, but the respect is rarely reciprocated.

The negative responses Bryant receives from fans of James, and a large contingent of society as a whole are steeped in illogical human behavior, and to be honest, are an example of irony themselves.

America loves a winner, and Bryant embodies that spirit as his career has been one which has been defined by success, both individually and as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant has also had to overcome numerous obstacles, some of which were self-inflicted —another example of character our country generally professes its love for.

We love to hear tales about athletes who have had to hit the...

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