Kobe Bryant: Lakers Must Allow Time off in Light of Injury and Personal Drama

There's hardly ever a bad time to be a multi-millionaire who's one of the best basketball players ever, but I don't envy Kobe Bryant right now. Between a wrist injury and a divorce, things can't be great in his world. Right now the Lakers need to step in and give Bryant some time off, whether he wants it or not. 

When the season starts, it's going to be a barrage of basketball games. Between Christmas Day and New Year's Day (including both holidays), the Lakers are going to be playing six games. For the most part, if he's not playing, he'll be in an airplane. That goes for the entire NBA post lockout. 

From an injury standpoint, Bryant needs time to heal. Playing basketball is not going to allow him time to do that. From a personal perspective, time is needed to figure out exactly what direction he needs to go in. You can't resolve an entire divorce in the time that Bryant would get, but you can get an idea for what needs to be done and how to do it. 

I'm proposing one week. After the opening game of the season against the Bulls, look at the Lakers' schedule.

Dec. 26 at Sacramento Dec. 27 vs. Utah Dec. 29 vs. New York Dec. 31 vs. Denver Jan. 1 at Denver Jan. 3 vs. Houston The Lakers can handle that stretch with a decent record without Bryant. That would give him time to get his personal life in order. But from the Lakers' perspective, it would give him time to heal his injury. 

Los Angeles will not do anything in the playoffs unless they have Bryant at full health. This team is razor thin and they need their best player in the playoffs. 

Not only do they need him, but they need him at full health. The only way that's going to happen is if he's given time to heal his injuries. The fact that he's going through personal trouble is only more of a reason to give him some time away. 

Losing a few games right now isn't a big deal. Not having Bry...

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