Kobe Bryant: Kobe’s Career Defies His Critics and The Hype

Honestly, there is not one single NBA player that deserves the accolades and acclaim that fans choose to impose on them, because even the best talents the game has ever seen have been flawed.

Magic Johnson never took the time to develop a reliable jump shot, Larry Bird was limited by his athleticism, and Michael Jordan's competitive attitude and will to win sometimes made him a distant figure to teammates.

Those three players were great because they were able to transcend their limitations, and highlight the other qualities that made them special.

Magic, Jordan, and Bird were some of the most hyped players of their time, but they equaled the hype by succeeding at the NBA's highest levels, and doing things on the basketball court that have never been seen before.

Kobe Bryant may be the most controversial, discussed, and hyped athlete of our generation, but has his performance on the hardwood lived up to the levels of hype he receives?

It's easy to chalk Bryant up as a casualty of hype, because he does have flaws in his game that are easily exposed under scrutiny.

Many observers feel Bryant shoots the ball to much, makes bad decisions when he presses, and his shot selection is constantly criticized.

There are merits to be found in all of those arguments, but do those outweigh what Bryant has managed to accomplish throughout his 14-year career?

What about Bryant's 81-point game, which stands as the second highest total ever accumulated by a single player? Is that hype or something we were all able to witness?

Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for most points scored in a game with 100, but unless you were in Hershey, Pennsylvania on that evening, it's highly doubtful you have any recollection of the event because it wasn't televised.

Bryant's 81 point explosion was replayed by ESPN on a consistent basis, and even though it stands as a...

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