Kobe Bryant Is the Dark Knight of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Legend.

"Not bad for seventh-best player in the league"

Why so serious? Why the hate? Why the doubt. Continually fans and critics alike write off Kobe Bryant, but it's clear he still has the beans to make it to the final shuffle. Despite LeBron, the city of Dallas, the whole critical landscape and a recent loss standing in his way, Kobe still fast breaks forward.

Too old? He's 33 for basketball God's sake. That may be old in dog years, but the Dobermans still have plenty of seasons to come before he starts emulating 'Floor Jordan'. ESPN's seventh best player in the league? Pleeeease!

"Just making adjustments, you've got to figure out a way to get it done"

In the face of the twilight years of his career, Kobe remains in the zone, where lesser players would fold. He remains doubled and tripled, when other former stars are singled out and ignored in this game. A few years back, the fabulous, inventive 'Freedarko' book The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac: Styles, Stats, and Stars in Today's Game said that if Shaquille O'Neal was Superman with a "S" on his chest, then that made Kobe Bryant "The Dark Knight."

We've known for years that he was far from a Robin-esque sidekick, but the book described the Lakers Batman as being a "stormy mortal" and "vulnerable but all the stronger for it". Kobe may not be as "cute and cuddly" as Chris Rock and everyone else, but his dark, killer instinct to the game helps him make the chess moves that takes down the other NBA pawns.

All the Jokers and the Riddlers of the league better watch out. This "Dark Knight" is about to rise.

"Everybody cries for a change, cries for you know the fact I'm too old, it's just a bad game and a bad wrist."

Like the boy that cried wolf, we don't believe the lies. We've heard it all before. Sure Kobe is getting slower, but that just means he's seeing the game even slower—like...

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