Kobe Bryant Is Still Hungry and the Celtics Are On The Menu

After the Black Mamba consumed his dinner, he was asked about his meal and he replied, "Oh the Suns' defense? It tasted like chicken."

Even after finishing off the Suns,  Kobe Bryant  still appears hungry. He looks like a fiend and only another NBA title will satisfy his near insatiable appetite. I'm sure if you ask the Thunder, the Jazz, or the Suns, they will tell you all about it.

If the MVP award took the postseason into account, I believe Kobe would have won his second NBA MVP award. 
Even though Kobe did not have a huge series against the Thunder, there were two games in which they probably remember Kobe's appetite relatively vividly. In Game Two, he exploded for 39-points and he posted another huge game in series-clinching Game Six in which Kobe picked up 32 points and seven boards on the way to a Laker victory. Against the Jazz, Kobe averaged 32-points per game which facilitated the Lakers ability to take the series from Utah in a quick four-game sweep. Most recently, the Suns found out how deadly the Mamba actually was. The Suns were not an easy prey for Kobe, but every now and then you have to work for your dinner. After the Suns put up a solid fight, he and the Lakers finished off the Suns and took the lot. Bryant showed up early and gave the Suns a taste of his potent venom in Game One of the Western Conference Finals when he dropped 40-points, snagged 5-rebounds, and distributed 5-assists which gave the Lakers a huge 128-107 victory over their opposition. Not only did Kobe dominate early in the series, he did it often, which permitted him to accumulate four double-doubles and nearly average a triple-double (33.0 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 9.6 assists). His dominance lasted the duration of the series, culminating in a huge 37-point performance in series deciding Game Six. It seemed like no matter what  Grant Hill  and the Suns did, attempting to defend Kobe was a lost cau...

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