Kobe Bryant: Is He the Greatest Laker of All Time?

There's been a lot of talk about how Kobe Bryant's legacy is "on the line" after the last season’s NBA championship, and he could become the Greatest Laker Ever™ (Bryant has 5 championships in Forum Blue & Gold, tying him with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and George Mikan as the franchise's winningest winner);

In case you can't tell, I think that's an extremely flawed and childish way to look at the question of who the greatest Laker was is. Kobe adds another ring to his resume in some ways, but it's not like getting to 5 titles automatically ties his career with Magic Johnson's, nor is it true that he could never surpass Magic.

Winning a ring is the ultimate team accomplishment, but we have much better ways to parse out player contributions than to lazily took at championship to avoid the conversation of Horry being the better  against Malone or LeBron) totals and blindly base our evaluations on them alone not just their PER because it speaks only efficiency, but no amount of efficiency is enough for an ounce of effectiveness, which all players were paid for, to be used by the team effectively to win games and especially championships and that’s separate Kobe to LeBron.

I could say that LBJ is more efficient than Kobe, but when it comes to effectiveness of bringing all the best in you for your team, even in such worse situations to be able to win, The Black Mamba rules him out.

But for now LeBron is out of the conversation, because it’s all about The Magnificent Lakers, so much for the talk…Lets start the comparison of the Greatest Lakers of All Time

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