Kobe Bryant: How the LA Lakers Have Adopted the Kobe System

The loss to the Miami Heat Thursday night was not just a loss. It was embarrassing.

Twice Matt Barnes had his cookies swiped and offensively the LA Lakers are choking with two of the most-known clutch players in the game—Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant.

Fisher has lost most of his edge when it comes to battling the more athletic, better point guards in the league. But, he can still knock down those buzzer-beating, one-hitter quitters as the game comes to a close.

Kobe Bryant. Well, hell, he is still Kobe Bryant. There is nothing a defense can do to completely count him out.

However, against the Miami Heat, without Bryant’s illustrious scoring in the first three quarters, the Lakers offense was bland and practically nonexistent. Both teams were a little blank early on, but while Miami caught fire and established a quick lead, the Lakers were unresponsive.

This is more than likely due to the new head coach’s offensive scheme and plain way of running things. But, what can we truly expect from the Lakers with the roster they have assembled thus far? There is no explosiveness and no excitement that is not capped off with mentions of Kobe and his firepower from every angle on the floor.

Therefore providing the sad and elementary reasoning that without Kobe’s 40-point clinics, the Lakers are a shell of the dynasty they used to be.

But, isn’t this what Lakers fans wanted? After years of boosting Kobe’s resume by naming the fact that he has always been the primary option for the Lakers, Jerry Buss’ son, Jim Buss, has finally made it so.

Bryant is not only the primary option anymore, but he is sometimes their sole mean of a victorious end. Bryant’s averages may boast an MVP entrance for the season, but watching the Lakers as a unit is becoming more boring than watching paint dry.

He is going to get his regardless, b...

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