Kobe Bryant: His Road To Becoming the Greatest Of All-Time

The five-time champion has gone through a lot of adversity throughout his entire career.

Let's bullet point the different mountains Kobe Bryant had to climb to get where he is today.

Coming out of High School, he was labeled cocky, arrogant and too immature to be an NBA superstar. His game quickly transitioned and became an excellent second banana to Shaquille O'Neal—winning three championships in a row. His rape allegations made him become one of the most hated men in all sports. O'Neal, Phil Jackson and Bryant could not coincide with one another. The first dynasty was finished. O'Neal was traded and Jackson resigned for a year. The team began to struggle, not making it out of the first round. Bryant asks for a trade, asks to trade other players. Bryant had a transition year 2007-2008 to become more of a leader, the trade for Pau Gasol and the growth of Andrew Bynum made this team contend again. The team fully develops chemistry, and wins the last two championships in a row. Bryant's career achievements reminisce No. 23 and many other greats. Here's what Bryant has accomplished since entering the NBA.

Five-time NBA champion Two-time Finals MVP One NBA MVP 12-time NBA All-Star Eight-time All-NBA Team Eight-time All-NBA Defensive Team After his last fifth title, people really started to consider where his position is when they talk about who is the greatest of all-time. Most people have considered him as high as third behind Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.

But what else can he do to establish himself as the greatest player of all time?

Before you go on, I want you to understand that I know what Jordan has done for the game and what his accolades are.

Yes he has gone six-for-six in titles, five times being named the NBA MVP. He has battled the Lakers, the Pistons, the Suns, the Knicks and the Jazz. All were great teams that could have won a title or two without Jordan being in the l...

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