Kobe Bryant Hero Ball Will Sink This LA Lakers Team

Metta World Peace's injury is going to hurt the Los Angeles Lakers, but Kobe Bryant's penchant of forgetting there are four other purple and gold jerseys on the floor stands to cripple them.

In our own ways, we can all appreciate Kobe. His desire to win is matched by few, his distaste for losing is matched by no one and he's a top-five scorer of all-time.

As the Los Angeles faithful know all too well, though, Kobe is not without his flaws.

He can be inefficient and difficult to play alongside. Just ask Dwight Howard. Or Shaquille O'Neal. I'm sure Kwame Brown and Smush Parker would have a thing or thousand to say as well.

Mostly though, Bryant attempts to play the part of hero far too much. Not because he's an incubus who despises those around him, and not even because he's addicted to the glitz and glam of hero ball (though he might be). 

When put in the moment, in game situations, Kobe often just doesn't understand that there's no need for him to win on his own. His teammates are there for reasons other than grabbing his misses.

I fully believe that Bryant cares more about winning than getting his 25.7 points per game. I honestly do. 

But I also place stake in him believing the best way to win is to score. With his team struggling or with the game on the line, his instincts take over. Those same instincts that have carried him to the tune of 30,000-plus points over his career. Of course he's going to try and win on his own.

And yet, that doesn't make it alright.

The Lakers don't win riding Kobe's itchy trigger-finger. Not much anyway.

Through 71 games, when Bryant jacks up at least 20 shots, Los Angeles is 14-25. When he takes 25 or more, the team 3-11.


Knowing that Kobe is currently averaging 20.3 attempts per game, it is. Essentially, we're looking at a Lakers team that wins just 35....

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