Kobe Bryant Has Michael Jordan’s Talent, but Not His Mentality

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will be forever linked due to the similarity of their games, style, talent, and will to succeed. However, there are differences in the make-up of each player that help define the endless debate on who is greater.

There are some who would argue that Jordan is not the best player in the history of the game, but he is the greatest player of his generation and belongs near the top of any list concerning the NBA's greatest players.

Jordan was the most athletic, skilled, and driven player of his time, and his physical gifts were only surpassed by his knowledge and keen understanding of the game.

Jordan was always the most talented player on the court, but his true greatness was found in his approach and ability to seize the moment at the end of important games.

His Airness defined the term clutch, but for Jordan, it went much deeper than just scoring at the most opportune moments, because his decision-making in pivotal situations was incomparable.

Jordan never seemed to make mistakes when it mattered most. This is an example of his mental maturity, an area in which he holds a distinct advantage over Bryant.

As far as physical skills go, Bryant stands on an even par with Jordan, and there are some places where he is actually better, such as his outside game, which is an underrated aspect of Bryant's talent.

But last night's Game Four loss to the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals provided an example of why Bryant will never measure up to Jordan in the eyes of many people, and deservedly so.

Bryant made several key mistakes when the game was still in doubt, and none were bigger than his errant pass late in the fourth quarter while the Celtics were nursing a five-point lead.

It was a poor decision by Bryant because the angle on the pass was terrible, but more importantly, it's not the type of play you...

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