Kobe Bryant Has Led the Lakers To Four Titles…Myth

Kobe Bryant has won four NBA Championships.  Fact.

Kobe Bryant has a very good chance at winning a fifth title in 2010.  Fact.

Kobe Bryant is one of the top players in the league today.  Fact.

Kobe Bryant belongs in the discussion of the all-time greats.  Fact.

Kobe Bryant has lead the Lakers to four NBA Championships.  Myth.

That's right... myth!  I am tired of hearing commentators and fans describe Bryant's role in the Lakers' recent titles in this manner.  It is simply not true.

Last year, Bryant lead the Lakers to a title.  No question there.  He was the leader and the team's best player by far.

But, to be perfectly blunt, Bryant's first three titles were won on Shaq's rather large coattails.

Look at the facts.  Shaq was the most dominant player in each of the Championship series he and Bryant won together.  He was the MVP in each of those series, while Bryant struggled to shoot at a .400 clip (he was often in he 30s in FG %). 

I'm not, in any way, trying to diminish Bryant's greatness as a player.  I just want it to be described in a historically accurate fashion. 

Bryant is NOT Michael Jordan, who was the MVP and unchallenged leader in each of his six NBA Championship series.  He's not even Magic Johnson, who likewise was unquestioned driving force behind multiple titles.

Falling short of Jordan or Magic is no shame, though.  There is only one Jordan, and only one Magic.

By the time Bryant is done, he may reach similar level.

But let's not anoint him quite yet. 


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