Kobe Bryant: Has His Knee Started a New Rift with Phil Jackson?

Kobe Bryant wants the world to know that his surgically repaired right knee is fine.

More importantly, he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Following the L.A. Lakers' blowout win over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, Bryant was interviewed and asked about the health of his knee.

He said his knee was fine and added that he doesn't want to be asked the question again.

After the game, Phil Jackson continued his jabs at his superstar, saying he was impressed by Kobe's "progress," but didn't believe he was 100 percent yet.

Finally, Kobe has had enough.

"Yes," Kobe said when reporters asked if he was telling the truth about his physical state. "So leave me the hell alone about my (expletive) knee."

He wasn't done yet.

When asked what he thought of his coach's latest statement, he laughed and said he didn't give a (expletive) about what Jackson said.


The harsh tone of Kobe's comments, combined with Jackson's candor regarding the injury, suggests a feud might be brewing.

Here's a closer point-counterpoint look at the relationship between coach and player.

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