Kobe Bryant Gets Super Competitive in China, Destroys TV Host in Chopstick Game

Kobe would like you to repeat the rules of the game slowly, because he plans to destroy you.

Whether it’s the game of basketball or a chopstick maneuvering contest, Kobe Bryant is out to win. He isn’t playing for second, third or fourth. The Los Angeles Lakers star is always playing for the W—something a television host in China found out last week.

Bryant was in China promoting his brand when a public relations stunt brought him face to face with Sa Beining, a renowned Chinese television host. Beining challenged the 34-year-old NBA veteran to a game that involved plucking balls from a bowl with chopsticks.

Competitive to a fault, Bryant obliged him.

What followed was a chopsticking competition bordering on NBA playoff atmosphere seriousness—at least for Bryant. Raw video of the throwdown has been provided courtesy of Youku user HC-Ares (via Kurt Helin of NBC Sports). As you can see, Kobe didn’t take the challenge lightly. 

After counting the balls to make sure he wasn’t at a disadvantage, the Black Mamba annihilated Beining, grabbing the little bobbles out of the dish with deft precision.

Beining didn’t have such luck and fumbled balls left and right. Of course, Beining is messing up purposely. He’s an entertainer, and realizes this a chopstick competition—not The Most Dangerous Game.

Bryant, on the other hand, couldn’t have concentrated harder. The Lakers superstar might as well have been performing a double bypass with the chopsticks, considering he didn’t even look up from the task once.

So there you have it—another goofy adventure into Chinese television for an American sports superstar. If there’s anything to be gleaned out of this story (besides a laugh at Bryant’s compulsive need to defeat all opponents), it’s confirmation that the Black Mamba is still f...

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