Kobe Bryant: Five Reasons Why He Will Never Be the Greatest Ever

I promised never to write a "top five reasons..." or "top 10 plays..." because a writer wants to be unique. It seems as if the trend on the Bleacher Report is to run these types of articles. I personally despise them and in fact, I usually never read them. Well, I lied. I couldn't help myself after reading an article titled "Kobe Bryant: His Road To Becoming the Greatest Of All-Time" by Kyle Fisher. While Kyle brings up some excellent points regarding Kobe Bryant, he fails to mention the negatives (if you will) that are holding Kobe back from being No. 1 of all time.

People will bring up all of the accolades Kobe Bryant has racked up over his NBA career, and there is no denying that. He is indeed a top 10 player of all time. The MVP award, the Finals MVP awards, the All-Star selections, the total points, Mr. 81, his clutch ability, five NBA championships—all great points and this is why he is a top 10 player. But none trump these five crucial reasons why Kobe will never be No. 1.

(Note: these slides are in no particular order and are not meant to take away from Kobe Bryant's NBA accomplishments.)

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