Kobe Bryant Donates 100K in the Name of Free Speech

Kobe Bryant dropped an F-Bomb. 

No, not the one you’re thinking about.  It’s not what you hoped your long-term (two weeks is long in high school) girlfriend would finally let you do on prom night.  It’s not your reaction when you hear you have to help a friend move.  Or when you get to the theater late and the only option left is a Megan Fox art movie (hold laughter).  Or what you say when you realize you work 10 hour days year-round to make $50 thousand, when the crappy average left-hander in the majors works once every five days for seven months to make roughly $3.4 million a year* .

*actual made up data. 

No, Kobe got T’d up during a meaningless end of season game, took a seat on the bench, and then called the ref an F-based derogatory term used for homosexuals.  And the camera caught it.  Ooops.  Nice work KB.  Nothing like dealing with a recession by donating 100K to the league  I hope that was worth it.  Good to see you're taking advantage of your second chance at showing everyone you're a good guy.  Or not.

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