Kobe Bryant Divorce: Why Off-Court Issues Will Ruin Lakers’ Season

The Los Angeles Lakers will be facing a test too tough to pass this season and it will result in what could be the worst season in Lakerland in many years. Lakers faithful can thank Kobe Bryant and his wandering eye.

Vanessa Bryant, wife of Lakers Star Kobe Bryant, has reportedly filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences" as the cause for the end to their marriage.

It looks like wifey believed that Kobe was unfaithful, again. We can’t forget that Bryant was charged in 2003 for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old hotel employee in Colorado.

While denying that he assaulted anyone, he did admit to having a sexual relationship with the woman at the time. Through all of that public embarrassment, Vanessa stayed with Kobe.

That was Kobe’s second chance, but apparently he just couldn’t help himself again. Now, in the words of the ever-wise Eddie Murphy, she’s going to get HALF!!

With Bryant’s mind fully on things that are off the court, the one and only star left on the Los Angeles Lakers will now give less than 100 percent effort.

The Lakers and Bryant deserve to fail, though.

I understand that Kobe Bryant is a human and as a human we have urges that are primal in nature. As strong as those notions are, acting on them is not only a bad idea, it has the potential to hurt anyone and everyone who is associated with the person being an idiot.

That leaves a mentally frustrated Lakers team full of stars like Pau Gasol who don’t trust Bryant for the trouble he and his wife caused last season. Now the tables are turned.

It’s called karma, Kobe, look it up.

With the possibility that half of his fortune will be taken from him, Kobe is starting to fret. All of the off-court distractions will have the star’s focus on other things causing the Lakers to barely make the NBA playoffs and get bounced in ...

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