Kobe Bryant Divorce: Is Jessica Burciaga the Alleged Other Woman?

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant are getting a divorce and given Kobe's adulterous past, many are wondering whether it was adultery that has Vanessa at her wits' end.

Mediatakeout.com that not only has Kobe been cheating, but that Playboy model Jessica Burciaga is the other woman.

Of course, unnamed sources speaking about Kobe dating a playmate and showering her in money doesn't make the allegations factual, but it's certainly enough to create a buzz.

Update: Sunday, December 17th at 12:03 p.m. EST

It's safe to say that a Burciaga Tweet denying rumors about her relationships is about Bryant. She's claiming the rumors "couldn't be further from the truth", and contends that they are "lies".

This challenges the validity of the rumor and calls the credibility of the alleged relationship even more.

There are a lot of people who speculate that Bryant's cheating ways didn't come to an abrupt halt after the infamous incident in Colorado.

According to TMZ, Vanessa Bryant cited "irreconcilable differences" in the legal documents she filed on Friday. The ambiguity surrounding that phrase makes it impossible to assert that Kobe is having an affair and that his affair(s) led to Vanessa pulling the plug on the relationship.

If these rumors hold true, it's going to throw gasoline on the media firestorm this breakup has created. Having relations with another woman would be bad enough. If Burciaga turns out to be the other woman, the hype around the scandal is going to heighten exponentially.

It's too soon to assert that the Mediatakeout.com rumor has any validity whatsoever, but it's not surprising that a high-profile "other woman" rumor has emerged.


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