Kobe Bryant Divorce: Everything to Know About Vanessa Bryant, Prenup and More

Vanessa Bryant's had enough, and she's going to do something that many NBA players couldn't do to her soon-to-be ex-husband: shut him down. 

No ring, however massive, could save Kobe this time. It's official, the basketball superstar and his wife are divorcing after Mrs. Bryant decided to pull the plug on the decade-long union. And she's going to walk away rich...really, really rich. 

That's right: no prenup. No. 24's about to lose a lot of zeros from his bank account, all because of alleged adultery, again. While the paperwork will say "irreconcilable differences," TMZ is reporting the end of this relationship is because Bryant couldn't stay faithful. 

Ouch. All this after the messy Colorado incident in 2003 where she stayed by his side. And we thought Bryant's biggest problem heading into the season was that he didn't get Chris Paul as a teammate. 

Now, 2012 is going to get very pricey for Bryant, who is worth an estimated $420 million.

TMZ has the details, down to the custody issues of the couple's two children and the superstar team of lawyers (who have represented celebs like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian) that she's retained to cut into that nine-figure chunk she's entitled to. It's going to get messy, no doubt about it. 

And for Kobe, it's going to get awkward, too. He has to perform in front of crowds and attend postgame press conferences. His career thrusts him into the spotlight, one that's going to get bright and searing as the divorce proceedings wear on. 

But what about Vanessa? What about the woman Kobe's been involved with since 1999? Most people, when they hear the name Vanessa Bryant, think of the Saturn-sized, $4 million ring Kobe bought her. 

She doesn't have to face the media on a daily basis, but we know plenty about her because, well, she was married to Kobe. Heck, one Bleacher Report writer blam...

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