Kobe Bryant Delivers Christmas Joy and Will Play in Lakers Season Opener

The Los Angeles Lakers just endured a tumultuous preseason that will culminate in an aged old story based around a player they can always count on. Kobe Bryant will play on Christmas, and there is no reason to have ever doubted that he would.

The Lakers star, and only hope for a title, injured his right wrist while going up for a dunk in a preseason exhibition against the LA Clippers on Monday. Bryant finished the game only to miss the exhibition on Wednesday due to the same injury. 

That wrist injury that is listed as a torn ligament will not keep him out of playing the first game of the season. Bryant will rub dirt on it and play in what is a star-studded lineup of opening games. 

The LA Times reported via their Twitter feed that Bryant would indeed be suited up for the most anticipated start we can think of. 

Bryant is no stranger to playing injured, and it's the big reason why he is missing a great deal of cartilage in fingers that were never tended to. 

There is no question that Bryant will simply find a way to be effective. This could mean passing more, being a decoy for teammates or, as we have seen in the past, going left-handed. 

The Lakers were in dire need of positive momentum, and they just got it. 

The purple and gold needed every last ounce of star power as they will face the stout and hungry Chicago Bulls. 

Since sending Lamar Odom away and failing to bring in another superstar in the way of Chris Paul or Dwight Howard, the Lakers have looked a shade worse than they did last year. 

After a season in which they flamed out to the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks, most believed the Lakers would pull the trigger on something huge. Instead, they had one trade vetoed by David Stern and another criticized for its mysterious nature. 

Lamar Odom is go...

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