Kobe Bryant: Can the Black Mamba Attack Conquer This Year?

If anyone has heard this year-old song by Lil Wayne called “Kobe Bryant,” it is basically about, well, Kobe Bryant! I agree totally with the song that Bryant is easily the best player in the game. Although I vote Kevin Durant for the Most Valuable Player, I am being realistic.

Face it, there’s way too many haters for Kobe. And that is why he is only stuck with only one MVP trophy, and not three or four like he should have.

In the song, Lil Wayne made a key verse that is spread out throughout the nation saying, “Black mamba, attack conquer.” Ah yes, Bryant always attacks. Like a vicious cobra, he has that killer instinct. You can see it in his eyes of how badly he wants it.

Bryant easily showed that in the 2010 NBA Finals, being more serious than any other NBA championship. In Game 1, comedian/actor Chris Rock attended the game. Rock tried joking around and trying to give Kobe a chuckle, as Rock was only a few inches way from him at his seat. Bryant acted like he didn’t listen. He was on a mission. One focus: winning.

Many say Bryant can’t show that killer instinct this season, considering the Lakers are older and that Phil Jackson will enter his final season in the league. Many don’t even accept Los Angeles making the NBA Finals this season. Fans think Jackson doesn’t have it in him, nor does Bryant. No one understands.

Bryant can murder triple teams, double teams, anything, like Wade said so. I believe Bryant will prove everyone wrong for this season. He is set for a new season. He is ready to attack and bring on a vengeance. Bring on revenge for all the teams that have beaten him.

Get ready NBA, here comes the Black Mamba. He is ready to strike again.

And like Lil Wayne said it, ready to attack conquer.

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