Kobe Bryant: Can He Surpass Jordan and Will He Ever Do It?

While Kobe Bryant has surpassed Jerry West as the Lakers' all-time scoring leader, the majority of experts seem to agree that Kobe is not the greatest player of all time.  He may not even be the greatest Laker of all time, as most would give that title to Magic Johnson.

However, at 31, Bryant is still playing at a very high level.  He has added new dimensions to his game, such as a post game that may add some more time to his prime years.  This means that Bryant still has time to catch up to Magic and, dare I say, Michael Jordan.

At 25,213 points and counting, Bryant is already a top-10 player, a league MVP, a finals MVP, and a four-time champion—including a title with a brand new Laker squad that did not include Shaquille O’Neal. So what holds him back from being the greatest of all time and surpassing Michael Jordan? What does Bryant need?

Bryant currently has four titles and is gunning for a fifth, and possibly sixth.

The Lakers currently stand as the odds-on favorites to repeat as NBA champions this year, and maybe even next year. As I mentioned, Bryant is still playing at a top level, Gasol got his extension, and Bynum is still young and getting better by the dribble.  The Lakers seem well set up for a potential dynasty.

Bryant would need two more titles to tie Jordan in that category, but Jordan was the MVP for all six of those titles—something Bryant cannot say.  However, Bryant winning possibly three titles with a rebuilt Laker squad, to me, is just as impressive.

Their stats are very similar.

Jordan's career scoring average sits at 30, while Bryant's is at 25. Jordan averaged six rebounds and five assists, while Bryant is averaging five rebounds and just under five assists.

Bryant sits about 7,000 points behind Jordan in the all-time scoring list.  In order to get more consideration as the greatest of all time, Kob...

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