Kobe Bryant: Black Mamba’s Top 10 Dunks For His Birthday

Regardless of what team you are on, everyone can agree that both teams are for two of the biggest superstars around.

No, not Team Edward and Team Jacob.

It’s Team Kobe or Team LeBron. Take your pick.

While there’s no losing in making your selection, it’s clear that James’ people have seen their idol in the news this summer way more than Bryant’s. But on August 23, The Black Mamba celebrates his 32nd trip around the sun.

So move over LeBron. Kobe gets one day in the spotlight this offseason.

There’s no doubt that Kobe is known for his clutch plays and leadership down the stretch. However, when his legs were a bit more spry and his hops hadn’t been limited by injuries, the man named after meat was renown for one thing.

His acrobatics. He made the Wallendas jealous.

In honor of the purple and gold legend’s birthday, here’s a look back at his face melting and eye-popping dunks. He’s had some remarkable plays in his time, but which is number one?

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One note: The pictures chosen of Kobe are not all from the game with the dunk selected.

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