Kobe Bryant: Best Basketball Player Ever

I have watched and read closely the misguided idiots commit blasphemy against a basketball god that is Kobe Bryant.

These people have claimed that Lebron James is better than Kobe Bryant. Funnier still, some of these folks have claimed that, in fact, Kevin Durant is better than Kobe Bryant. Add Charles Barkley to the list of one of these misguided idiots; he too believes that Lebron James is better than Kobe Bryant.

I refuse to wait until Bryant retires or is put into the Hall of Fame to recognize his greatness. I refuse to wait until he grows old and dies at 100 to say how good of a basketball player he was. I will do it now once and for all—KOBE BRYANT IS THE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER TOUCH A BASKETBALL.

He is the reason why people love basketball. All over the world, people worship Bryant—as they should.

The guy is simply the best.

If you saw the Olympic Games in China where Kobe is revered as he should be, he got the loudest ovation out of all the thousands of athletes from all around the globe. This is because people recognize skill and talent when they see it.

I moved to the United States in 2000. Having played soccer for most of my life, I had an idea of what basketball was, but Kobe Bryant made me fall in love with the sport. The way he plays with grace, talent, speed, and determination reminds me of soccer stars like Jay Jay Okocha of Nigeria, or Ronaldinho or Pele, both of Brazil.

We are talking of an all-time great here, not just the best in the league now.

As Kobe would say, “You guys are playing checkers, I am playing chess,” or the more famous, “I have bigger fish to fry” in reference to Raja Bell’s little tantrums (by the way, where the hell is he now?).

I have been quoted as saying, “If everybody does their work with the type of determination that Kobe employs at basketball, the world will be such a...

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