Kobe Bryant: Asking Price to Play in Italy a Pipe Dream

There is no way Kobe Bryant is playing in Italy.

$15 million? Really?

As other players in the league are negotiating deals for a quarter of that amount, Bryant is trying to capitalize on his star power to land by far the biggest contract overseas.

Too bad the team, Virtus Bologna, offered only $6.7 million. The two sides are miles apart, and there would have to be some serious compromises to get a deal done.

Does Italy think they get some sort of hometown discount since Bryant was born in Italy?

With comments like this from Bryant, Italy believes they have a shot:

Italy is my home. It's where my dream of playing in the NBA started. This is where I learned the fundamentals, learned to shoot, to pass and to (move) without the ball. Things that when I came back to America the players my age didn't know how to do because they were only thinking about jumping and dunking.

He has a point on fundamentals, but that’s a whole different can of worms. Clearly, his preference would be to play in Italy during the lockout because of his roots there. Yet, like pretty much every professional athlete, money talks.

He’s like the hot chick at a bar that gives the impression you have a chance with her. After buying her a few drinks, she compliments you, tells you how great you are, etc. Yet you keep buying drinks and nothing is happening, and eventually you realize the wallet is empty and this chick isn’t going anywhere.

Kobe is teasing Bolgna right now:

It's very possible. It would be a dream for me. There's an opportunity that we've been discussing over the last few days. It's very possible and that's good news for me

I don't know what's going to happen over the next three or four weeks, but Italy has always been in my heart,

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