Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: Kobe Never Gonna Be Like Mike?

This is not another article comparing Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  We all know that the entirety of the basketball world tends to consider Air Jordan as the greatest player of all time. This is, instead, speculation, into one simple question....

Since when does not being Michael Jordan cripple one's status as a player?

Why is the phrase, "He's no Jordan" a fair argument in describing Kobe Bryant as a poor or overrated player?

OK...so that was two questions, but you get the point.

Again, most of the basketball world considers Jordan to be the greatest ever.  Wouldn't this mean that every player is "no Michael Jordan?" Doesn't this diminish the greatness of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird,  Bill Russell, Jerry West, and every other legend who graced the hardwood?

No, it doesn't.

But for some reason it is one of the biggest knocks on Kobe, by countless reporters, columnists, and Bleacher Report readers. 

Kobe Bryant is no Michael Jordan.  Obviously!

They are two different players from two different eras who have similar games and the same desire to win.  That's it.

Since when was it not enough to be a champion? Since when was is not enough to be the hardest working player in the league?  Since when was it not enough to bring it every single night?  Since when was it not enough to be in the conversation?  Since when was having undying respect and love for the game not enough?

Apparently, when you're Kobe Bean Bryant.

But why?

Is it because his game is eerily similar to Michael's?  Because his game replicates Michael's?  Because his swagger is like Mike's? 

Why wouldn't it be? Why wouldn't you try to copy the best of the best that came before you? It's not like Kobe is a carbon copy of Jordan.  He draws his...

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