Kobe Bryant and LeBron James: Royal Talent and a King’s Mentality

Few would argue that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James exist on a different level when it comes to professional basketball players, because both can do things on the hardwood that can't be duplicated.

Countless comparisons and endless arguments have been made as to which player stands above the other as the definitive talent, and although there is no clear consensus, James has appeared to edge ahead in the public court of opinion.

When looking at James' game it's easy to understand why observers would feel this way.

James is younger than Bryant, stronger, bigger, and even though Kobe is no slouch when it comes to athleticism, James may be one of the most athletic specimens to ever enter the NBA.

The argument has permeated through every house, bar, restaurant, or any other social arena where people who love the NBA congregate, and lately TNT analysts Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith have vocally joined the fray.

Through most of the regular season Smith and Barkley were at odds over which player occupied the top player spot, with Barkley giving the edge to James and Smith to Bryant.

As James drew closer to his second consecutive MVP award Smith's opinion began to shift towards Lebron but, it was revealing when Smith said he conceded the fact James was the superior talent, but he maintained Bryant was the better player.

Barkley disagreed with this sentiment, but Smith's opinion on the subject exposes a point of debate which people who side with James have been unable to escape whenever he is compared to Bryant.

Bryant's excellence in the postseason is one tangible piece of evidence wielded by fans of Bryant that James' fans cannot dispute, and this postseason may have provided more ammunition for Bryant's fans.

When James' Cleveland Cavaliers were blown out at home in Game Five of their series with the Boston Celtics, an opportunity for James to take the next majo...

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