Kobe Bryant and LA Lakers: Don’t You Dare Count Them Out of a Title Run

As a fan of the game, you love to watch teams battle it out to bitter ends. It gives you satisfaction seeing great players go up against each other in a physical sport.

But as a fan of a team, you hate to see your team struggle, especially when you know how good they are. It makes you sick to your stomach when you see them get blown out by teams that have no business beating them.

As emotional beings, we see ourselves yell at our television set and allow a basketball game to dictate how we feel.

And right now, the feeling of disgust is spreading throughout the city of Los Angeles.

After winning six of seven games on their long road trip, everything seemed like it was coming together for the Lakers. Their defense was smothering and the offense was flowing, but then something happened.

They came home and have lost four of their last six which could have easily been five losses if it wasn’t for the Philadelphia 76ers being…you know.

At this point, a lot of people are starting to talk about this being the end of the Lakers chances to three-peat. 

And you know what?

Part of me is buying into this hype.

Technically, the Lakers already had their chance to three-peat and it’s physically exhausting playing into June every year.

I wouldn’t know how that feels but if it was so easy then more teams would do it.

The last time a team made it to the NBA Finals four times in a row, Ronald Reagan was President and when people talked about watching Showtime, it wasn’t the channel.

I made a funny, get it?

The thing about the Lakers is that this is what they do.

Urgency is not a word in their vocabulary and for some strange reason that baffles me beyond belief; that this type of nonchalant attitude only affects the Lakers.

In the past, when I watched other premier teams in ...

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