Kobe Bryant: An Update on the Black Mamba

I had recently written an article titled, "Kobe Bryant: Is Father Time Knocking at His Door?," it analyzed the possibility that Kobe's age, mixed in with injury, might start to catch up with him this season. Crazy, I know.

Well, as usual, Kobe came out and proved everyone who doubted him wrong. Last night, Kobe had a unexpected triple-double; scoring 30 (PTS), boarding 10 (REBS), and by dishing out 12 (ASTS).

Naturally, the Lakers didn't take the Sacramento Kings very seriously, but Kobe came out last night in mid-season from, by playing with fire. This has to be a great sign for the Lakers, considering Kobe is already in mid-season form.

Of course, people are still questioning Kobe's health, but after last night's game, all of my doubts, if any have been diminished.

As long as Kobe doesn't suffer any unexpected injuries, I expect Kobe to be the "Black Mamba" we know, all season long.

Kobe even committed to the 2012 USA Team just recently. He told Coach K. through a phone call that he would play.

What does this tell us about how Kobe's feeling? Well I'll let you LeBron lovers figure that out.

Now that Kobe is back to being "Kobe," the question is, how long will this last? Two, three more years?

Honestly, I can see Kobe playing 3-4 more years at a high level, we just won't see the scoring-machine side of Kobe.

Realistically, we will get what we are seeing from now on, which is more of a Steve Nash than a Stephon Marbury.

For Laker fans, it should have been a great game to watch last night. I just hope my predictions about Kobe will be proven in the next couple of years.

Watch out, NBA, the Black Mamba's hungry for another title.

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