Kobe Bryant: An NBA Fan’s Search For The Truth Concerning The Black Mamba

I've been an NBA fan for about 30 years. When I first watched a basketball game its star player was 1980 and the Philadelphia  76ers were putting away the Boston Celtics to advance to the NBA finals and there was a player by the name of Julius Erving. Watching Dr. J play I became an instant basketball fan. Seeing that a human being without known superpowers do the things that he could do made this 13 year old an instant fan of the sport.

Over the course of the years I've had different "favorite teams" normally following the team of my residence, it being easiest to watch the local teams on a regular basis. Beyond "my team" though, I was always foremost a fan of the  NBA. Be it Dr. J, MJ, or LBJ, I've always been amazed by the players who are able to do things that seem beyond human. It's these figures that grasp the imagination. It's the type of player in "internet-speak" that has recently been acronymized  GOAT, or Greatest Of All Time. No figure is as controversial in his company in this group  as Kobe Bryant. My article that I'm writing today is not about whether he belongs but why  there's so much controversy about whether he belongs. 

Still for those of you who have to know, I consider Kobe as probably being in the top ten of all time. I can't place him in the top five yet for the simple reason that he's not in the top 10 in any statistical category. He has five rings yes, but there are those who have more rings  and better career achievements.  I find it hard to accept that the greatest player of all time was not one of the best five at anything. It's not a knock on Kobe, it's just an acknowledgement of his place relative to the other greats.

That being said, he has time in his career to move up into the top 5 in scoring, and it's possible that at that time, he'll reside there in my mind as well. Still, my opinion of where he is is of no importance...

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