Kobe Bryant: 8 Reasons He’ll Be the Most Dangerous NBA Player in the Playoffs

Some say that the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant has lost something with age. But even if he has slipped back to the rest of the pack, he still is the leader of that pack. That’s because, like Michael Jordan before him, Kobe is a stone-cold assassin who has evolved his game even as the miles have racked up.

And as another playoff run approaches for the two-time defending champion Lakers, Kobe remains the league’s most dangerous player.

Belittle him during the regular season, question his lift, harp on his injuries and endlessly debate his skills. The simple fact remains that Kobe is a player on a team no one really wants to play come May and June.

No matter the struggles of the Lakers throughout this season, which has been an up-and-down ride nearly unlike any other season, this is still a team that appears to be able to flip a switch, turn it on and win key games. And they don’t get any bigger than in the playoffs.

The Lakers aren’t just Kobe Bryant. That much is clear, not only this season, but really since the arrival of Pau Gasol.

But the reason for LA’s title success these past three years that resulted in NBA Finals trips is that Kobe Bryant sets LA apart from all others.

Exactly like MJ before him, no matter sick, ailing or aging, Kobe is cut from that same block. We thought the mold was broken with MJ. Think again.

But why? What are the main reasons that makes Kobe so dangerous, especially in the playoffs?

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