Kobe Bryant: 4 Ways the L.A. Lakers Guard Can Alter His Game in 2011-2012

Next month Kobe Bryant turns 33, and right now, he and Los Angeles Lakers fans are realizing that the twilight of his career is fast approaching. Injuries have begun to take their toll on one of the game’s best athletes, forcing Bryant to resort to extreme measures.

Last month, he had to seek experimental treatment in Germany on his right knee. He suffered an ankle injury in the first round of the NBA playoffs last year as well as playing with an arthritic finger he injured in 2009-2010.

While last season was more about getting healthy, this offseason will be a combination of getting healthier and stronger, as the clock is ticking on how long Bryant will still be effective.

Here are four ways Bryant can change his game to maximize effectiveness, given the state of his body.

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