King of the NBA’s Media Jungle: Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Vs. His Airness

It is common place for figures in the media to say, "Kobe is not MJ but he is the closest thing to MJ!" This brings up the question, what does The Black Mamba have to do to surpass or be seen on the same level as His Airness?

As we all know Kobe Bryant will never be the media darling that he once was before....well you know. This seems to be the very reason why Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan get the pass as the greatest of all time (not saying they aren't), because the media and the public loves them unconditionally.

I seriously do feel that this counts for something in the discussion of who is the greatest player or greatest Laker of all time.

Jeff Van Gundy was quoted as saying, "Some media critics do not want to give [Kobe] the credit he is due." I think JVG was spot on.

Lets think about, LeBron James has been passed the torch (and the crown) and has really only won the Most Popular Player Award, or MVP as they still try to call it now, twice. LeBron has failed in the last two playoffs and basically quit against the Celtics, but the media still calls him the best on the planet. Kobe had to win a fifth title before some say, "Oh yeah, I guess Kobe is still the best."

As a sidenote: Tim Duncan suffers from lack of media driven attention because, frankly, he is boring. All-time great, but boring.

LeBron has the media wrapped around his finger and Kobe really doesn't smile until he achieves his goal of winning the championship each year.

Ron Artest was treated more as a media darling than Kobe after the NBA Finals. I rather enjoyed Ron Artest, so Queensbridge to everyone!

It would be a true statement to say the media drives our opinions. If 100 commentators and broadcasters say LeBron is the greatest player on the planet and Kobe will never be as great as MJ, then it is certain thousands of fans are going to follow suit and believe just that and repeat the cycle.

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