Keith Smart Interview: How Does Golden State Warriors Coach Plan To Beat LA?

At the Golden State Warriors’ practice facility in downtown Oakland yesterday, I had the privilege to not only attend the team’s practice, but the opportunity to personally interview head coach Keith Smart and find out his thoughts and plans on trying to beat the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday night at home.

I approached my questions as a sportswriter, but always from a fan’s perspective, although just this time, with the access I’d been granted, I was more the inside fan.

And I couldn’t help but love the irony of being at a Warriors’ practice as they prepped for the LA game. I felt like a spy on the inside, asking questions of the enemy since I’m a Lakers fan and a Lakers Featured Columnist here at the Bleacher Report. 


Initial Impression

My questions to Coach Smart centered strictly around the Warriors’ plan of attack against the Lakers.

After the Warriors lost a disappointing road game on Sunday against the LA Clippers, Golden State now looks to get back on track against the world champs. It’s a tall order to lose a game against a team you should have beat in the Clips and then try to get it back versus the Lakers.

I found Coach Smart engaging, informative and a very positive guy. He runs a tight but upbeat practice. After the Clipper loss, there was no blame or finger pointing. It was one loss in a long season and Coach Smart is smart enough, so to speak, to understand this. 

He didn’t take any frustration out on his team during the practice session, at least the part I sat through. Instead, it was all business for the Warriors. 

The Warriors are an up and coming team who really haven't had the chance to play together this year due to injuries. In fact, the Warriors finally have their entire roster available for the first time in over two seasons.

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