Karma Police: Why Boston Fans Will Cost the Celtics a Ring in 2010

If you ask Pau Gasol about the events that followed the Los Anegels Lakers’ Game Six Loss to the Boston Celtics (in Boston) in the 2008 NBA Finals—I’m sure he would say that he remembers it well. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that June 17, 2008 was a night he will never forget.

After heading through the tunnel and onto the team bus Gasol experienced something that he’s kept with him for the last two years. He experienced humiliation, disappointment, taunting, and having rocks hurled at him from crazed Boston fans outside of The Garden. It was a life changing incident for the Lakers.

I think many of the hardcore Boston fans that attended that game—and were involved in the altercation following the contest—could use a nice hard lesson in humility and sportsmanship. Soon enough however, they will pay the price—and so will the Boston Celtics.

In this case, the men at gates are Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. And you can guarantee they will collect.


What Goes Around Comes Around

Gasol and the Lakers are going to use that moment, sitting on the bus while being berated by crowds of Green, as a point of motivation. It will be the driving force behind their domination on the court.   

“It was painful,” said Gasol. “It is a feeling that I want to keep in mind for every single minute that I’m out there playing them.”

When men are wronged the likelihood of revenge is a common occurrence. Bryant and Gasol were humiliated on that bus, they haven’t forgotten that, and they will do whatever it takes to punish Boston fans in the form of winning consecutive NBA titles—and by plowing through the Celtics in the process.

And what is the direct cause of Bryant and Gasol’s personal connection (and outright drive) to win this series? When the Celtics are headin...

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