Jordan Farmar: Kids, Be Careful What You Wish for

I’m having the trouble figuring out why Farmar was so adamant about leaving Los Angeles.

Hmm, what could he have been thinking?

I can only envision his thoughts…

I don’t want to play for the greatest coach of all time; Phil doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I hated geometry; triangles mess with my head anyway. I’m getting kind of tired of playing with Kobe; he’s not that even that good. Heck, these rings aren’t even that cool. I’ve got game; I should be starting over Fish.

Well, Jordan, if that’s how you feel, we’ll let you test the waters.

Oh, I hear something. I hear something! What’s this?

A three-year, $12 million deal to the New Jersey Nets. Now there is an enticing offer. All of his hard work has finally paid off. Good for you, go get your money.

Hey, at least Farmar will get the starting gig he wanted. Oh wait, is the 2009 All-Star guard Devin Harris still in town? Well, we can forget about that idea of starting.

I guess Farmar felt that he didn’t see enough time in the finals. Not to worry; he’ll get his chance to play Rondo and the Celtics four times a year in the Atlantic division. We wish you all the best, Jordan!

It sure would be cool to meet Jordan in the finals next year. I’m checking the standings now and—oops, the Nets had the worst record in the league last season.

They say that when you're at the bottom, the only direction to go is up, so there should be some optimism in the locker room going into the season.

Jordan (sigh), we hate to see you go. You had a good run, but around here, it’s like a rotating door. You know that. We lost Trevor and brought in a championship-hungry Ron Artest. And I’m sure you’ve heard of Steve by now. From Lakers fans all over, we’ll miss you. Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers