Jordan Farmar Headed To the New Jersey Nets

The New Jersey Nets have reportedly reached an agreement in principal with the Los Angeles Lakers' Jordan Farmar.

Farmar is coming off a championship winning season with the Lakers and will be moving to New Jersey to play with the team with last season's worst record. 

Ric Bucher of ESPN confirmed the reports after speaking with the guard's agent. The deal looks to be for three years and worth $12 million. This could be his rise and shining chance of being big in the league as he will be Devin Harris' back-up and compliment. 

He has more championships than LeBron James, so that has to mean something. Jordan Farmar has been drawing constant criticism as being lucky to be on the Lakers. He was drafted by them in 2006 with the No. 26 pick.

Ever since, he has spent his career in Los Angeles being Derek Fisher's right-hand man. A chance for Farmar to be great could have just been passed up as Derek Fisher could be headed to Miami. 

The Heat have been in talks with the Lakers' point-guard and expressed their interest in bringing his play-off experience to a team hungry for a championship, especially now with the addition of LeBron James. 

Who knows if Phil Jackson would have given Farmar a shot at being their starting point-guard. Many will guess the answer is no.

Good luck in New Jersey, Jordan! The nets were hoping to win big and get a Jordan-like player in the free-agent pool. No, not LeBron James.

The Nets got a real Jordan with championships, and it just happens that on the back of his jersey it says Farmar. 

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