Jeremy Lin, Lakers Learn About Themselves and Each Other Amid Lost Season

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — We want things to happen immediately.

Rarely do they.

Given his resume, Jeremy Lin is unabashed about his belief in fateful twists and miraculously fast turns.

"If anyone knows that, I know that," he said Tuesday. "Things can change overnight."

Except they almost never really do.

And that's the lasting takeaway from the 2014-15 Los Angeles Lakers season that started slowly and now ends in inconsequence.

Lin really wanted this to work, entering this season with one of the most unstable career paths in sports history. And in search of feel-good stories in an unquestionably dry spell for the franchise, the Lakers hoped bringing Lin back to his birthplace would spark the sort of special stuff we all know he's had in the past.

Instead, Lin was downright disappointing night after night early in the season. He was unnerved by Lakers coach Byron Scott's lack of belief in his game and discouraged by the rising negativity all around him.

On Tuesday, Lin didn't close the door completely on re-signing with the Lakers this summer, but he's back where he was before as a basketball nomad, still searching for a place in the NBA that feels really right.

He said his goal in free agency will be to find "the best place that I can fit in." About the Lakers, Lin did his best to accent the positive in saying, "I don't know where I'm going to be next year, but never say never. I would definitely keep this open. It's not like this is last resort."

Odds are that it'll go down as a mere footnote in Lin's career and the Lakers' annals that their relationship improved after the All-Star break in arguably the franchise's worst season ever.

It was just too late to recapture the hope that both parties—and Kobe Bryant, who invested a lot of initial effort into tutoring Lin, specifically on mental toughness—brough...

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